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No matter how big or small your space is … 20 minutes a day can change things, promise!

A client, with a larger size home, was feeling overwhelmed by idea of keeping order.  Thought that it would be an all day affair … so out came the timer … 20 MINUTES … GO!

During that time he was able to make rounds of the entire 1st floor, put things back in the right rooms, hung up the coats, put away the clean wash and cleaned off the kitchen table.  The original goal was to just put away the clean laundry … 9 minutes and that was done … plenty of time left to finish the 1st floor.

Reverse engineer it if you want … Have a To Do List?  Yeah, then set your stop watch, do your stuff and see how long it really took … fold the wash, empty the dishwasher, put away the groceries …

Now I am in no way saying that you can clean your space in 20 minutes, we are talking about “straightening up” … do this everyday for a week and watch your home transform …

~ Peace & Pace