I am not sure where I heard this first but when you Google “Shine Your Sink” the first link is The Fly Lady … I have heard of the The Fly Lady, but I admit I have never really looked at the site ( I will now).  This is how The Fly Lady explains the idea of the shiny sink

As I think about it; your shiny sink may just be the most important decision you ever make for your future! If a sink full of dirty dishes will cause you to spend money eating out when you have food in the house then a shiny sink might actually help you release some debt.

Shiny sinks in the morning help you start your day with a sense of peace! You can make breakfast, fix lunches and brew coffee without feeling behind. Not only do you feel peace but look at the money you have saved by this one simple act of doing the dishes and wiping your sink dry till it shines.

This is my shiny sink … I do it everyday.  Try it and post a pic to the Simplify Facebook page