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Resources I used to start the SbS pantry…

There is an obvious lean toward Italiano in our appartamento … just Google “well stocked pantry” “pantry basics” and click away.  There are as many resources for pantry lists as there are pantries. From this start your master list, use this list to take an inventory and make your shopping lists.

Shopping Strategies 

  • DON’T TAKE YOUR KIDS … if you can help it
  • Don’t go hungry and bring a water (and maybe an Advil)
  • Shop in the mornings, or at other quiet times … make it a peaceful experience
  • Stick to your lists!
  • Keep an approximate running total
  • Check out this article from Zenhabits.net ~ 50 Tips for Grocery Shopping it says all of this and way more … and this article from The Zero Waste Home ~ Auto Pilot … gives us all something to work towards
Oh yeah …. there are apps for that!  I don’t do it yet, but am working on it … check out cozi.com or Google “grocery shopping apps” …
~ Peace