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Sim·pli·fy  [sim-pluh-fahy] verb (used with object)

to make less complex or complicated; make plainer or easier: to simplify a problem.

Simplify by Covering your Tracks  …

Do you leave evidence behind?  If I walked into the kitchen after you could I figure out everything you touched? Do you leave clues behind in the bathroom?

Treat your house like the scene of a crime and cover your tracks … don’t make your cover up obvious by living in a museum, a lived in house looks less suspicious

Tips so you will never be caught …

  • Make your bed
  • Put your dirty clothes in the hamper
  • Wipe the sink & hang up your towels
  • Clean the counter; wipe up spills!
  • Dirty dishes at the very least in the sink; in the dishwasher is even better
Don’t leave a trail, it doesn’t take much to evade detection … GOOD LUCK!