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THRIFTY … given to or marked by economy and good management.

Synonyms: economical, economizing, provident, scrimping, sparing, frugal

Friends and followers alike should know by now that I love love love making my own cleaners … they work great, the ingredients needed are versatile, and they are CHEAP!  So out on one of my interweb adventures (read as “trolling for ideas”) I came across GreenUp! Solutions … their take on the world of home made cleaning solutions sucked me right in, they make them & test them … Stupendous!  Check out the trails … All Natural, All Purpose, All-the-time and The Cleaner that Breaks the Mold and they promise more…

AND … even more thrift is to be found at GreenUp! Solutions … coupons, a deal of the week, and in store specials from Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s … Check out a recent post Shop Whole Foods without Spending the Whole Paycheck 

Green & Thrifty …