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Giant Huge Big Hugs to Monique, proprietress of Becker Window Fashions, and my go to gal for all things textile …

Monique took my  idea to rescue this awful, circa 1985, “Corner Furniture” headboard from from the trash and brought it to life.  She made us what is essentially a big pillowcase type slipcover, with a few other bells & whistles because she can … jump over to her blog and website to see her fabulously amazing  work.

While this is technically not a DIY project because I cannot sew (I have the dry cleaner sew buttons back on …) I think if you are at all handy with a sewing machine it is worth a shot.

Monique and I also collaborated on a bench that resides in my living room … a seed cabinet rescued from the trash now a custom window seat.

Seeing potential in the things you have saves money and gives you the opportunity to customize … Green, Thrifty & Chic!