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Step 1 … admit we are powerless over our addiction

Hi, my name is Sara and I bring stuff home with me … I am a picker.

When I see stuff at the curb I slow down. I love to dig through musty, gross cellars, and barns put me over the edge.  I will be the 1st one to volunteer to help you move (there may be some good stuff) … I am really not a flea market or tag sale chick, my high is getting it for free … and wait it get’s worse … giving it all away.

I am like the “Junk Matchmaker”.

Right now I have, in my possession,  a 1940’s era cruise ship ticket file cabinet, a bread box cabinet from a demoed 1950s kitchen, really cool glass jars, a 30″ piece of stainless steel counter top rescued from a firehouse kitchen here in Yonkers, a mess of assorted vintage Pyrex kitchen boxes, printer’s drawers, and … and … and …

The file cabinet will eventually end up in my Dad’s remodeled office/den, the kitchen cabinet is for my cousin’s market in Cooperstown, I am going to make really cool hanging candle things from the jars for The Becker’s Harvest Party, etc. I see things and I just know where they belong, even if it’s not in my house …