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Weekend Bag

We have been away every weekend this summer ( I know poor me …) so I have packing for us down to a science … here goes.

Make a clothes list for each person by activity, it doesn’t vary much for different types of trips:

  • Drive there
  • Sleep
  • Pool/beach/lake
  • Lunch/Dinner (where & with who…)
  • Drive home

And …

  • Shower/shave/hair
  • Medications
  • Emergency Kid Stuff (Motrin, bandaids, itchy cream, etc.)
Shampoo and conditioner are in GoToobs, they were recommended by a friend and work great (BTW, I use the plastic zipper bags from sheet sets & pillowcases to pack toiletries).  I store our beach towels in an XL Ziploc Big Bag, with the sunblock, bug spray, baby power and Aloe, grab the whole bag every weekend … I pack an empty Granite Gear bag for dirty laundry to come home and done.  Happy Weekend!