Coffee (at least 2!) … make sure the peeps that need to be up are up, fed and moving, WNYC, then start!

I start by doing a lap of the apartment collecting the odds & ends left around, clothes in the hamper, toys back in the kids’ room, books back away, wine glasses to the kitchen, etc., etc., etc… I sort laundry and keep it ready to go in the cart, you never know when you will have a minute to do a few loads WOOHOO!  Then I clean 1 room, I don’t have a schedule, I know people that do, but I don’t, I just pick the worst space and give it 10 minutes …

  • Kitchen:  put away dishes, wipe stove top, counter and cabinet fronts, sweep, check fridge for yucky stuff, take out recyclables and trash DONE!
  • Bathroom: change towels, wipe down, NOT SCRUB, sink, toilet, tub, tile walls, sweep and spot clean the floor around the toilet.
  • Living Area: damp rag to dust, check carpet for big crumbs, vacuum if you absolutely have to, rotate couch cushions, fluff pillows.
  • Bedrooms:   make bed, damp rag to dust, check floor for dust bunnies …

My secret Knolling …  I have not cleaned my house “properly” since the end of May … no reason to.  Try it for a week … let me know if it makes a difference


~ Peace