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I just became a member of GetOutMom.com … heard of it?!?  Maybe not, I am the 1st to join in my zip code …

GetOutMom.com is a “casual employment community” where local moms can connect, hire each other to do the stuff we hate, or things that require special skills … plumbing mommies, painting mommies, ORGANIZING mommies, crafty mommies, legal mommies, accountant mommies … etc.

I came across GetOutMom a few weeks back on Twitter in my Who To Follow …  I did a bit of lurking, discovered what a great resource it is, but could not find anyone local …  SO … I put out a few feelers, you all know who has been felt, and sent an email to GetOutMom asking how to get this thing going here … so here it is peeps, this is our opportunity to be Pioneer Mommies, the lovelies over at GetOutMom.com, Cami & Stacie, have set up an amazing offer … jump from this post to GetOutMom.com use the code SIMPLIFY when you sign up, and you get a 1 year FREE membership … just create a profile and when it comes to the payment page enter SIMPLIFY in the coupon field …

“GetOutMom.com is the first site of its kind to tap into the tremendous talents of women many of whom are stay-at-home moms who don’t want to have to put a resume together, don’t want a rigid schedule, and would prefer to work around their family scheduled, ” said Cami Back, Founder of GetOutMom.com.  “I’m not sure who is more thrilled.  The moms who finally have a place to work a few hours a week, or the moms that are excited to hire out something form their to-do list to carve out more quality time for themselves and their families.”
Free membership, connections to earn cash … seems like a win win to me.   What do you say ladies, how many members can we get?