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What do you think … which comes first?

While cleaning a client’s house this morning I realized that I have less & less to do when I am there … not good for business … I wondered how she felt about it, so I asked!  She said that I have inspired her to maintain … she still wants me to wash the floors, windows and … and …. and …. But I have helped her over the hurdle and she now has an neat & orderly home, where anyone can drop in at anytime and she feels confident.

I have always been clean(ish), but I have not always been neat.  I remember knowing that my house was a mess, but it was not dirty; there was no food laying around, it did not smell of any animal and it was generally not sticky, but it was not neat!  I did not use hampers, I didn’t own a hamper, I never knew where anything was, and I definitely did not have any sense of planning ahead for anything … nor did I care to!  Until my wonderful Mother-in-Law (AND I MEAN THAT SHE IS WONDERFUL!!!!) had to let the super into our place while we were at work and in order to get to the radiator or the window, I cannot remember which it was, but anyway she was forced to relocate a pile of laundry as tall as her and see things in mine and her son’s bedroom that no mother should ever have to see …. EEEK!!  I was horrified!

I did not jump right on the Martha bandwagon that night, but I sure as shit took a good look around every day and asked myself “What if Marie had to come in today? ” sort of like the WWGD thing … I am still not down with the whole “Martha” perfection trip, but I like my stuff clean & neat!  It saves me time, I can always throw together a last minute dinner and now when Marie does pop in she tells me how lovely my house always looks. So in my case I had to learn to be neat.  What about you?