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you know you have them!!!

As part of a one of my regular jobs my client asked me to organize the kitchen drawers.  The task was to sort out duplicate utensils, broken items, and look for a few things.  She knew she had cake decorating supplies SOMEWHERE …. FOUND and given a new home, light bulbs, remote controls, tools, garden tools, you name it was there.

I emptied everything, sorted and paired like with like, cleaned the inside with vinegar & warm water and put what I thought needed to stay back in.  I left some homework, 2 boxes to sort through and I (temporarily) labeled  the drawers so when she came home from work she would know what was what.

Next week, after the homework is done, I will take a complete inventory and recommend some organizers or trays … I am already pretty sure that I will use the expanding Kitchen Dream Drawer Organizers from The Container Store.

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