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Earth Day 1989 Central Park … Anyone else there?  I was 14, on my own with my friends in NYC!  EARTH DAY!  We wore tie died shirts, listened to music, got wasted (Happy 4.20!) …  I did not get the big picture thenI had a great time, but now so many years later … I get it!  We have to make Earth Day everyday; it’s the small things that we do and teach our children that make a difference.

I started on the path of less due to finances more so than in an effort to be  “green”,  but I quickly realized it is the same thing, all around less is less. I started really making an effort in about 2007, and since then I think about everything just a little differently …. I ask myself questions before I do things …  If I am done with something can it be re-purposed, handed down, sold, donated, recycled, and if so where?   Do I really need it, or do I just want it?  If I really need it, can I find it used, or even better FREE?  Can I borrow it?  Can I buy what I need for my family in bulk?  Can I use safer household products and still keep to my budget?  I set out on a mission to change and usually Google my questions …. My current question “Non-toxic, or at least less toxic way to strip paint from a metal hamper” …. 27,300 results!!! (post to follow)

The resources are endless, here are just a few I have found.  What are your favorite Green Resources?  What questions do you have?

An update … I did forget to include local donations are always the best … local schools, daycares, nursing homes, hospitals, etc.  Thank you Marleni for reminding me!