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Apartment dweller here = no real long term nice storage!

For years I had pictures all over the place in boxes, envelopes,  in closets, in drawers … scattered!  I hate scattered!  We here at Casa Peluso have ALOT of pictures, our folks gave us all of our baby pics, some amazing old family photos and actual pictures of our daughter.  I did not want to store them in the garage with the air conditioners and beach toys …  So what to do?  FOOTLOCKERS!  Lucky me had access to a dozen or so to choose from thanks to pack rat Uncle Joe.

I gathered up all of pics on one place and decided who and what need to go (old boyfriends and such were discarded) … Personally I love to sift through looking for that 1 picture so I didn’t put my pictures in books, or in  labeled boxes by date or do any of the million organizery things people do with pictures, but now that are at least in 1 place … Check out our new storage!