I woke up this morning thinking about my house, my home, and what a long winter she has had, and decided to help her (and me)  feel better about herself.

As I tend to do with myself, I look way too closely.  I see flaws first, and overlook the things that are beautiful.  I read an article in February on Offbeat Home, Ditch the Magazine: Improving House Esteem, that struck a chord with me …  I even commented that I have always been unable to find the words … House Esteem, House Affirmations, Home Love!

We (my house & I) are getting ready to “Come Out”, our season is starting and I want us to be at our best.  Following the advice of OBH I have assessed her health, over all my apartment is healthy, a few signs of age, but that just adds character, right?  She has definately been on a diet since the 2nd child came along … we have had a thorough shower (company today so even shaved!)  and today we are having our Spring photo taken!

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Here is our home, and why we love her ….

  • The most amazing view from every window!
  • The most wonderfully noisy and inappropriate downstairs neighbors … making it OK for our 12 & 5 year olds to jump and run around as much as they please!  They dare not complain about our noise ….
  • The Stuff!  Everything here has a story … art made by my Father & Grandfather in-law, furniture given, and or acquired but rarely purchased, travel memories, found things turned into art …
  • The neighborhood, the friends we and our children have made, nature all around and access to the greatest city in the world all with in steps from the front door.
  • The loving, welcoming, comfortable, easy, amazing and blessed life we live here … Thank You!