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So back in December I wrote a post about my annual Pre-Christmas clean out and I thought I had done a good job,  my 4 1/2 year old son thought otherwise.  https://simplifybysara.wordpress.com/2010/12/08/pre-christmas-clean-out/

First mistake I made was that the bins I used were too large, he could not find his Tyrannosaurus, he was always looking for the cab to his 18 wheeler and most importantly he could not find the Sherman Tank.  Also, I did not leave him enough floor space under his bed to do anything …  So now thanks to the IRS we had a few sheckles to spare and Ikea to the rescue … insert a flourish of trumpets

I chose the Expedit 4X2 bookcase, but turned it on its side, $69.99,  6 Lekman boxes we already had, score, I found mesh hardware baskets for the pegboard, $13.00,  to store crayons, Bakugans, the tiny dinos, etc., and we got a good old fashion Matchbox Car Wheel, $15.00.

Small things really but he is so very happy!

Oh Yeah … I am also going to recoup some of the cost by selling the bookshelf/nighstands that were under his bed and the Ikea chest of drawers in his room … stay tuned for links to the craiglist.com listings or email me if you are interested.