… is Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Pure Castile Soap.  I have been using it as an all purpose cleaner in my house and on the job for 2 or 3 years now.  It is super concentrated (1/2 oz. to 2 gallons of water) and runs about $15 at Trader Joe’s.

According to Greenlivingtips.com

~ Castile soap isn’t a brand but a type of soap made exclusively from vegetable oil rather than animal fat or synthetic substances. The purists feel it should be made from olive oil but there’s a wide variety of castile variants that use oil from plants such as coconut and jojoba. The simple nature of the soap means a lesser enviromental impact due to reduced waste stream during manufacture and also faster biodegradability.

I use castile soap (1 squirt to a sink full of warm water) to wipe down furniture, kitchen cabinets, counter tops, and to clean my wood, tile & vinyl floors.  After reading & researching to write this I am going to use it along with baking soda to clean the tub and I may even make a new all purpose spray cleaner for everyday use when my Simple Green concentrate runs out.

Here are a few links with lists and recipes for some of the many uses for castile soap…