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… used to be much bigger!  I Freecycle and pass on our Harper’s, New York and The New Yorker, but we have to keep all of the Saveur, “special” Gourmets and the odd Food & Wine.  We have a pile on the shelf in the living room, a few in the kitchen, some on the side table and a couple near the bed stand.  I have been trying to think of a way keep them in 1 place, look cool and be available to grab.

So, last week a friend gave me an issue of  The Family Handyman magazine with a great article “20 Storage Solutions for Hard-to-Store Stuff”, camping gear, extension cords, ladders, belts, screws and doodads, mittens, footballs & MAGAZINES!  I had found my solution…hanging pendaflex folders and a file box.

By now you know that I prefer to use what I have around me …  I have this great antique Borden’s wooden milk crate and the folders fit.  I have to procure a few more pendaflex, but as of now this is where we are.

What Hard-To-Store things do you have?

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