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Spent Friday moving a 1 year old  into his bedroom.

New house, construction, growing baby &  Christmas all at once can be overwhelming.  Simplify to the rescue!!!

This was a collaborative project with the Mommy, so we started by sorting.  We separated toys and clothes that had been outgrown, keepsake items, things that were going into the room, large infant/baby equipment (car seat, walker, etc.) and trash.

One of the main goals of this project was to get it all done without investing in any new pieces for the space.  Re purpose, re purpose!

Keepsakes were separated into events (Firsts, Christening) and stored in plastic zipper bags that the crib bedding came in, hampers & trash cans for toy boxes and baskets from the baby shower for small item storage on the shelves in the closet.  The family had previously purchased storage cubes for a different room but were not using them, so we put them on the floor of the closet for some toy & book storage.

Next I packed up the large baby equipment in giant construction trash bags, sealed and labeled them with masking tape.  They are going to be stored in the basement for the next baby so I wanted to make sure they would be safe and easily identifiable.  Construction bags are really very affordable and super strong.  All of the baby clothes were folded and put in an indoor/outdoor Rubbermaid container we already had and again will be stored in the basement.  Toys that were no longer in circulation and were not going to be saved for the next baby were listed on Freecycle.


Moved in and set up the crib, chest of drawers/changing table, diaper storage, hanging hamper, and glider.  Made better use of the closet by adding small baskets to hold baby toiletries and other odds and ends.  Installed 3M command hooks for grab and go items (coats, diaper bag, etc.) and Viola!