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Before any new toys arrive take some time (or hire me!!) to sort and organize the toys you have.

  • Assess and categorize. In my case trains, trucks, robots, blocks…grouping like items together makes it easier for them to be found and put away.  Separate any broken toys and toys that have been outgrown.  Old toys in good condition can be sold at consignment stores, donated to charity or daycare centers or listed for give away on Freecycle
  • Consider the Container. I like smaller toy boxes and storage bins.  I use the big ice buckets, the kind for outside parties, you can pick them up at the party store and even the dollar store for under $5.
  • Think outside the toy box! Don’t forget about your walls.  We have a pegboard to store Anthony’s trucks up off the floor.  I got big hooks and hang the trucks by their rear axles.  Looks cool and gives more play area.  Pegboards can be used to hang coats, hats, backpacks… 3M Command Hooks are also great.

We bought a small florescent light for under the bed and re-purposed some end table/shelves I had from a tag sale (they still need to be painted), so for less than $20 Anthony has what he calls his “New Bedroom” and we are ready for his new stuff.